Brightstone Academy is a leading education, training and development organisation that designs innovative learning solutions to enhance productivity and efficiency in the workplace. We understand the diverse needs of our clients and will provide holistic and revolutionary learning solutions for professional growth.  In our effort to enhance the learning experience, we offer courses in the following sector classification: Information Communications and Technology, Business and Management, Human Resources, Construction and Engineering, Occupational Health and Safety and Financial Accounting.

Mr.Bongani Miya

Mr Bongani Miya is highly qualified and holds a Bachelor Computer Science and Honours degree in Information Systems. He further went on with his studies to enroll for Masters in Business Administration in 2015. In 2010 He enrolled with the Faculty Training Institute (FTI) for a Business Analyst course which he successfully completed. He has pioneered a number of tech solutions in GIG economy and continues to engineer his solutions. Bongani Miya is a lateral , out-of-the-box thinker and strategist, whose expertise not only helps the team at Brightstone Academy understand the workplace training and education policy, but also design training programs that are innovative and in line with organisational goals. Mr Bongani Miya is highly qualified and holds a number of degrees which he all attained from the North West University.

Mr Bongani Miya pioneering efforts and breakthroughs in the field of education, training and development position’s his competancy and dedication in the national stage now and beyond.

Mr Miya is a 100% shareholder in the business and intends to constitute his board of directors by the end of the 2nd quarter of 2020.

Our Vision

To be an innovative and solutions centric training partner that builds lifelong learning solutions globally.

Our Values

We pride ourselves on being innovative, efficient, dependable and always working with integrity. We matter to those that require occupational learning solutions to develop themselves and progress within organisations. We are responsible to all who want to progress, learn and develop their expertise within the workplace. We shape experts, game changers and influencers.

Our Mission

To create and provide innovative solutions that accelerate productivity and efficiency in the learning envrionment that is focused on the disadvataged youth of South Africa, that will enable them to acquire the best skills, with the core purpose of:

- Develop a pool of employable graduates.
- Offering our students the best rated education, in the field of studies we offer.
- Provide our students the right qualifications to help them pursue prestigeous careers.
- To contribute towards poverty alleviation and reduction of unemployment levels in South Africa.
- Alignment of all our courses with the latest technologies and skills demanded in the ICT market.

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